Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

From €545 per month

More Space for more adventures

Let The Tiguan Allspace take you to some of the country’s most beautiful and exciting places. And while doing so, it offers plenty of space to fit all the essentials, including the children. 

So much Space!

Seven seats en route to the destination of your choice


Always free. But always connected.

Easy Open

Easy to open. Easy to close. Adding some ease into your busy life.

Seven seats en route to the destination of your choice

Is space the new luxury? Then the Tiguan Allspace is a true luxury vehicle. Thanks to the  third row of seating, it carries up to seven people, or more luggage.

Your tailor-made driver display

Only want to see the speedometer and mileage display when you drive? Or more Driving Data? Or the navigation map? Or the title of the song you're listening to? Or more than one of these options?
It’s literally in your hands: with the multi-function steering wheel, it’s easy to configure your high-resolution optional Active Info Display yourself. Exactly the way you like it.

  • 26 cm (10.25 in) TFT colour display
  • Multiple configurations possible – save three as favourites

For an all-around view

Coming out of a parking space in the busy town centre, manoeuvring in impassable terrain, attaching a trailer: there are many situations where a driver might need an extra pair of eyes. With the optional Area View, you’ve found them: four cameras monitor the area arund the vehicle and supply useful views on the infotainment system screen. Almost like magic:
coupling all the cameras helps the system create a bird’s eye view – and you've got the full view from above, of the car and its surroundings1.

1 Within the system’s limitations

Your Tiguan Allspace stays in its lane

On monotonous journeys, risky situations can arise. That’s where ‘Lane Assist’ comes in: At speeds of 60 km/h and over, it can detect whether the vehicle has unintentionally left its lane.¹ With corrective power steering, it can draw the driver’s attention back to what’s happening on the road.1

1 Within the system’s limitations. The driver must be ready at all times to override the assist system and is not released from their responsibility to drive the vehicle safely.

Your Tiguan Allspace: always in the right light – but not too bright 

At night, the main beam helps you see further. Problem: Dimming lights in oncoming traffic is inconvenient and drivers sometimes forget, which can lead to dangerous situations.
With the optional ‘Dynamic Light Assist’ system, you can drive permanently with main beam from a speed of 60 km/h – without dazzling oncoming traffic. A camera can detect vehicles which are oncoming or ahead and fade corresponding sections of the light.1

1 Within the system’s limitations

Park with ease

The Tiguan Allspace with the optional park assist system not only tells you whether a parking space is large enough as you drive past it - it will also park for you1. All you have to do is operate the clutch, accelerator and brake. It does the rest.

  • Ultrasonic sensors scan parking spaces (up to max. 40 km/h)
  • To steer into parallel parking spaces, the system requires the vehicle length + 80 cm manoeuvring distance; to come out of them, a mininum of 25 cm at the back and front of the vehicle suffices
  • For perpendicular parking spaces, 35 cm manoeuvring distance at the front and the back are required

1 Process can be deactivated at any time

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