New Volkswagen ID.7 with smart air conditioning image

New Volkswagen ID.7 with smart air conditioning

With a camouflaged concept vehicle, Volkswagen provided a first glimpse of the new ID.7 at the world’s largest consumer electronics show, the CES in Las Vegas. Kai Grünitz, Member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for Development: “With the ID.7, we are underlining our goal to offer intelligent technologies and customer-oriented innovations in the high-volume premium mid-size segment.”

“Smart air vents” react quickly and function like fans

Before occupants enter the vehicle, the ID.7 can turn on the air conditioning. On hot days, the interior of the car is cooled, and on chilly days, it is heated. Smart air vents in the cockpit immediately spread the air over a sizable area when the door is opened in hot weather conditions by means of dynamic horizontal movements. Depending on choice, the air flow can either be routed straight at the body of the passenger or used to indirectly ventilate the interior of the vehicle when they are seated. The first Volkswagen model with such a sophisticated control system is the ID.7.

Strong focus on user-friendly operation

On the ID.7's new 38-centimeter (15-inch) infotainment display's top operating level is where the climate control feature is housed. This implies that it is constantly visible and that a quick tap of the finger can activate it. All smart air vents may be digitally controlled at the outlets using the clear air conditioning context menu. Air movements can have their strength and direction intuitively changed and saved separately. Backlit touch sliders can be used to adjust the temperature.

Digitally controlled air conditioning system reacts to voice commands

Voice control can be used to turn on the digitally controlled air conditioner. "Smart Climates" are used to hold specific wishes. For instance, if the command "Hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold" is pronounced, a software that enables the heating of the steering wheel is chosen. This will start a five-minute period of warm air being directed at the steering wheel's hands.

Air conditioning according to personal preferences

Individual user choices are kept in the ID.7 as "Personalizations." This also applies to the air conditioning system's automated settings. This is especially useful if several drivers will be using the car.

First VW model with detection of the sun’s position

The intelligent system responds to its climatic environment when the automatic function is turned on. For example, in instances of high outside temperatures and high solar intensity, a sensor near the windscreen measures the incident angle of the sunlight. The ID.7 adjusts the air conditioning to a higher amount for the warmer zones when the sun is directly on one side of the car, initially towards that region of the interior and then, in a second step, precisely towards the passengers.

Market launch of the ID.7 in 2023

Following the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and ID.602 (only in China) and the ID. Buzz03, the ID.7 will be the sixth model of the all-electric ID. family. After the ID.4, it will be the second global vehicle from Volkswagen based on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB). The world premiere of the ID.7 is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023. The market launch of the electric saloon in China and Europe is planned for this year. North America will follow in 2024.

Where ranges are stated, the values for consumption and CO₂ emissions depend on the selected vehicle equipment.